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Green Demonstration Homes

There is a lot to learn about Green building and the technology is changing every day. We believe experience is a great teacher and we're constantly building homes that include the most environmentally-friendly products and practices. We have built hundreds of homes with dozens of variations on green building and energy efficient building technologies.  We encourage you to tour our Green Demonstration Homes for yourself.  Contact a housing consultant to find out which Green Demonstration Homes are available for a tour.

"The Zero Energy Home" featured during Homearama

Just as you might think, this home literally has Zero Energy Costs.  Homearama 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of Cincinnati’s premier luxury home show.  Potterhill’s Zero Energy Home was a show stopper at Homearama 2012, featuring Potterhill Homes’ unique modern eclectic design style and superior energy efficiency features like a 5 Kilowatt solar panel system. This home is not only beautiful, but it is the most energy efficient home ever to be built in Homearama’s 50 year history.

We actually tracked this home’s energy performance compared to the other 5 Homearama builders’ homes.  Our home performed even better than we expected.

see how Potterhill’s Zero Energy Home performed against the rest







The Salvadore R&D Zero Energy model home at Northwind in Northside

This was the first Zero Energy Cost home built by Potterhill homes, back in 2010.  This home achieved a Gold Level LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council (a nationally recognized Green Building certification program).  After more than 2 years of monitoring its progress, we can say with confidence that our formula to achieve Zero Energy Costs works without a shadow of a doubt.  Sure, we learned a few things along the way that helped us improve our formula, but isn’t that what R&D is all about?




The Silver-Certified LEED Pilot Home at DeWitt Landing

The Silver-Certified LEED Pilot Home at DeWitt Landing was built in 2009. LEED homes are independently verified as being green built by the nationally recognized program through the US Green Building Council.  This LEED Silver Certified home features some of the most progressive green products and processes available today.

There are those you'd expect, like blown cellulose insulation and those you wouldn't, like carpet with backing made from recycled pop bottles. After serving as a green demonstration home for 3 years, this home was sold in 2012 to a family. 



The NAHB Green Home at Walnut Creek

The NAHB Green Home at Walnut Creek. One of the first NAHB Green certified homes in Greater Cincinnati. This home has been purchased by a homeowner who is enjoying the benefits of the Green certification such as lower utility bills and cleaner indoor air qualify.

The Silver Certified LEED Pilot Home at Broadbeck Park

This LEED Silver Certified was a demonstration home for CitiRama 2007, a home show sponsored by the City of Cincinnati & the Cincinnati Homebuilder's Association. It was one of the first LEED Certified new homes in the entire country.  This home has been purchased by a homeowner who is enjoying its green benefits.