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How much can I save with a Potterhill Home?

When you build a new Potterhill home, you save money from the day you move in. You save on your utility bills through improved energy efficiency but that is not the only cost savings. So, how much do you save?

  • Potterhill homes have an average Home Energy Rating score of about a 58.  That means our homes are 42% more energy efficient than required by building code.
  • Potterhill homes will save you on average $1,900 each year when compared to an existing home. That’s $158 per month, each and every month. *
  • At today’s interest rates (below 6%), that $158 per month equates to $26,000 in more buying power for you!  With Potterhill, you can buy a home that costs $26,000 more than an existing home and still come out even when you compare the cost of your monthly mortgage payment + the cost of your monthly utility bill to that of an older home. *
  • If you compare Potterhill Homes to other builders’ new homes, that savings will be approximately $1,100 each year!  That savings will allow you to purchase a Potterhill home that costs $15,000 more than another builders’ home and still come out even when you take into account the monthly mortgage payment + monthly utility bill. *
  • If you build a LEED certified Potterhill home in the city of Cincinnati’s corp. limits, you will be eligible for a 15-year property tax abatement.  On a Potterhill home priced at $240,000, that 15-year savings will equal approximately $68,000!  That’s $4,500 each and every year for 15 years you won’t have to spend on taxes. *
  • Several of Potterhill’s available energy upgrades - like solar panels and geothermal heating & cooling systems - are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit until 2016.  An environmentally-friendly geothermal heating & cooling system can cost as little as $7,500 with Potterhill (after incentives & tax credits). *
  • Over the life of your mortgage, a Green Built home can save you up to $150,000 through improved energy efficiency, lower water bills, tax abatements and better loan rates. Ask a Potterhill Homes representative for a demonstration of how these savings add up. *

When comparing builders or considering the purchase of an existing home, be sure to factor energy costs into your comparison. The money you don't spend on heating and cooling on your Potterhill home is money you can spend on something more fun!  Potterhill Homes will provide you with a detailed report on your expected energy costs- just ask us!

Check out this interactive tool that helps demonstrate just what a home with superior energy efficiency by Potterhill can do for your wallet: http://www.resnet.us/hers-index

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*The information provided herein is based upon assumptions and information provided by reputable sources, including the National Weather Service, the US Energy Information Service (annual electric utility data) as well as private entities such as RESNET (HERS rating methodology) which are not affiliated with Potterhill Homes. The estimated energy costs and savings take into account typical usage and costs at a given point in time for a specific model of home in a specific location. Actual energy costs will vary and will depend on many variable factors and a change in any of these variables or assumptions could result in reduced savings or higher energy costs. Such variables include, but are not limited to, homeowner behavior, actual utility usage and consumption, the fluctuating cost of energy, actual weather conditions, and home and equipment maintenance over time. Potterhill Homes does not guarantee or warrant actual energy costs or cost savings.