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Zero Energy Homes

Homearama Zero Energy Home video

Zero Energy Homes are the ultimate in green & energy efficient building and can literally make your electric meter run backwards!

We know it's not for everyone, but if you are interested in Zero Energy Homes, Potterhill has the options to help you achieve a home with zero energy costs.

There are several different definitions of the commonly used term, “Zero Energy Homes.” One of the definitions is “Zero Energy Cost” - which is exactly what we at Potterhill Homes promote. We have built and monitored several Zero Energy Cost homes in several locations throughout Cincinnati. We actually built our first Zero Energy R&D community, Northwind back in 2010.

In a home that is “Zero Energy Cost”, the actual cost of purchasing energy is offset by the income generated from selling Solar Renewable Energy Credits back to the power company. At the end of a given year, the homeowner will have paid little or no money toward energy bills.

Through innovation and practice, we have found the optimal path to achieving a home with Zero Energy Costs. And it costs less than you might think.

A Zero Energy Cost home can be achieved by using several different combinations of energy saving and energy-generating features. For instance, 2 x 6 wall construction, blown-in insulation and power generated by solar panels are some of the key elements used to help achieve Zero Energy Costs in a Potterhill Zero Energy Home.

Ask a Potterhill representative how you can achieve Zero Energy Cost on your new Potterhill home.

View the video to see how we achieved Zero Energy Cost on our Homearama™ 2012 home. Homearama™ is the area's premier luxury home show and is produced by the Homebuilders Association of Greater Cincinnati each year. While this isn't the only way to achieve a home that has Zero Energy Costs, it certainly worked well.