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Technology features that are currently available as upgrades:

  • Z-wave Smart Locks which allow you to remotely access your door locks from anywhere
  • Remote access garage door openers
  • Home Theater
  • Whole-home audio
  • Intercom systems
  • Networking
  • Central Vacuum systems

Get On Z-wave With Us

What the heck is Z-wave?

Z-wave is a wireless protocol that smart devices use to communicate. It's a lower power alternative to wi-fi, and offers much greater range than bluetooth. Z-wave uses radio waves to communicate between devices and your Z-wave hub.

Each and every Potterhill home just got smarter!

Potterhill Homes is proud to partner with Fuzion Home Technologies to bring a technology package to all our homes that can revolutionize how our homebuyers live in them.

This smart home package includes:

  • A one-on-one CONSULTATION with a Fuzion Home Technologies representative to discover your unique technology needs as a homeowner, and to go over the included features of your technology package.
  • STRUCTURED WIRING COMPONENTS using Cat6 and RG6Q wiring. Plus 4 Universal Wall Jacks to hook up your personal smart TV's, computers, or other technology devices.
  • An ULTRASYNC® HUB which provides homeowners with a flexible and scalable wireless security and home automation platform.
  • A Z-wave THERMOSTAT which enables homeowners to control their HVAC system while home or away using the UltraSync® smart phone app. (all included)
  • An ULTRASYNC® DOORBELL CAMERA that provides remote camera access to your front porch. The doorbell camera allows for real-time and recorded HD audio and video so you can be in-the-know from virtually anywhere.
  • While the features listed above are included with purchase agreements dated 10.15.18 or later, they act as the foundation for your home technology package which comes standard in your new Potterhill home. You may wish to discuss optional features during your consultation with Fuzion Home Technologies.